Mission, Vision & Goals

“Education is Life”

We bridge the gap between theory and practice, between classroom and reality. Teaching values and manners as a foundation for the future life of our students we strengthen their personality and support team-building skills during our vocational skills and PDS classes. Students, that have visited our English-medium school will have the ability to find their place in the fast-moving and connected world.

We prepare our students for the digitized world. In ICT lessons the theoretical foundations get taught which are then turned into practice during the computer classes. Students learn to get around in popular Office-Programs as well as to work on presentations independently.

“Wisdom is the Principal Thing”

Wisdom acquisition is the goal of our institution. We offer the basic courses in morals, academics as well as self reliance. Secondary education being the bedrock of professional studies in the future is keenly integrated with the sense of responsibility for both individuals and society at large. Knowing that man is a tripartite being we focus on developing them in three domains which are Spiritual, mental and physical.

It is inevitable to understand the theory through studying literature and discussing topics the traditional way, but subjects like chemistry, biology and physics show their full potential and fascination in experiments. Therefore we build a laboratory that is fully equipped to give our students the possibility to explore the laws of science by themselves.