About us


Founded 1994 by the Board of Trustees Deeper Christian Life Ministry we started our way as a private Nursery School on our campus in Daressalaam Sinza. The popularity of our education center grew very fast and so we had the chance to expand establishing a Primary School in 1997 on the same Campus. But the demand for an ongoing school appeared quickly. After a year in the Dar-Campus, we decided in 2006 to start a Secondary School, as a boarding only school at Zinga Village where our students can learn in a calm and focused athmosphere surrounded by the nature.

Who We are


United by the believe in God, our Team of Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff has the aim of providing enlightment and education. We are thankful for the trust that parents give us and aware of the responsibility we have for the future life of our students. Besides our well-rehearsed team, Volunteers from worldwide enrich out lessons and create an athmosphere of cultural diversity.